How can we go with two language versions in our URL?

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Hello community of Shopify,

We have a question and need your help.

We would like to use our website in two languages. One language URL would be for example >>> shopurl/de <<< and the other one >>> shopurl/en <<<. Normally as we could overview Shopify goes for the main url without the language letters: >>> shopurl <<< and for the second language with: >>> shopurl/en <<< But we would like to get for both URL's the language letters.

Other Shops have already done it that way.



How can we find a solution to the get our shop URL to use for both versions (the main shop URL and the second language shop URL) the language letters /de /en >>> shopurl/de + shopurl/en


Our printing identity is already produced with those URLs and we can't change them anymore so we have to find a solution for that.

Thank You very much in Advance for the help from this community.


All the best,