How do I add vectors to shop pages?

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I am trying to decorate my shop a bit before I start selling. As I am selling cat related products, I'm gonna use a cat in a box illustration for the shipping page (among other illustrations for other pages). I tried taking turning the vector into a normal image file (png) and removed the background. However, the PNG look very blurry (much blurrier than the base file), even though I am using 160x160 or 100x000.

Since it looks so blurry (especially on mobile, which the majority of my potential customers use), I'm going to have to use vectors. 

I tried googling but I haven't found anything that isn't too complicated for me. I'd like to know how to add vectors. I have the svg files, and ill use the code for the png file 

<img src="//" alt="" style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" />

to place the image. I'd just like to know what exactly (apart from the src link) I need to change.


Thank you very much in advance