How do I bulk print all order notes using Order Printer?

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We are running an a limited time offer and our customers are adding gift notes in the order comments. We normally offer this service on our online store so it's never been a problem. We have custom templates in Order Printer to show the note in a fun font on the packing slip. We use order printer often and I know I can select multiple orders to be printed. However, this is the first time this LTO is on Shopify so we are figuring out some operational elements. Which leads me to to my question. I need to bulk print the Order notes for customers before they do store pick up on Valentine's Day. 

I don't need orders that are blank as those are taking care of. How can I search or filter the order screen to only show me orders that have order notes so I can "Select All" and then have order printer take care of them?

We expect 2K - 3K orders. Also, a majority of orders are will come in just in less than 48 hours from Valentine's Day. We have a high speed printer. Going order by order is just too slow. Any ideas?