How do I create a bundle of POD products?

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Hi everyone!


So I have four POD t-shirt designs listed on my site. Say I wanted to offer all four of them as a bundle, how would I go about doing that?


Normally if a customer buys a t-shirt, it triggers my POD provider to make and ship that one shirt.


However if I create a product listing for a 4-pack of shirts (each their own design), how can I trigger my POD provider to make and ship those 4 shirts from that one order.


I use SPOD as my POD provider.


Thank you!

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If you need to trigger actions based on product purchase , or track inventory don't over complicate things just add all of the items to the cart.

Use either a separate empty "free" product as the container, or use a collection.


There are many ways to do this if the products are all predefined simplest is making a permalink(note makes a new separate session)

Also an order form customization is similar.


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