How do I get my Product Page to look like this

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How would I go about setting my product page up like this with the box on the right showing the different sizes, quantity? New to shopify and not sure if there's coding I need or if its a theme/setting
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Hey, guessing this is the kind of website you're looking at If so, I THINK they have used a custom theme - that is to say they have hired a Web Designer to build write the html / css from scratch (or at least rewrite an existing theme), meaning there is no simple way (a particular theme to choose or setting to change) for you to replicate all their design features sadly (ie, to answer your question, lots of coding needed).


So 3 ways forward might be:

1) Cheap - Browse the Shopify theme store to find something CLOSE to this - you may even find a theme that already has what you need? Themes can also be edited / tweaked to your hearts content afterwards.

2) Expensive - simply hire a designer to create a theme to your exact specs

3) Compromise (often a good way to go) - find a theme that is close, and hire a designer to tweak the layout / features to your needs


All the best with it.

Paul @ Promeate
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