How do I output a specific customer's metafield using if?

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I have a metafield "reserved" for customers.
I need to "output" a specific customer's metafield ("reserved") in the .product-card-list.liquid "if" the product.tags contain "X".
Something like this:
{% if product.tags contains "reservedforTom"}
{{ customerID.customer.metafields.reserved.stuff }}
{% endif %}
How can I output a specific customer's metafield on the product-card-list based on their
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This is an accepted solution.

You are not going to be able to use the Customer ID. However, if the customer is logged in you'll be able to access the metafields via :

{{ customer.metafields.reserved.stuff }}

 Not 100% sure on your usage/context but skip the ID aspect.

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