How does the search work, exactly?

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I'm having trouble understanding how the storefront search actually works, in terms of what it actually searches for.

I've read over a lot of the documentation

But none of this seems to give me the answer that I'm looking for.


Our store is:

When I search for something like, "Jodi Benson"I expect to see search results for products, articles, and pages that contain this search term. Instead, I seem to be only getting back products, if they contain the search term in the title. 

However, the name "Jodi Benson" also appears on this article - as well as this page and yet neither of these items are returned in the search.

If I search for, "The Little Mermaid," then those two items are included in the search. However then it seems like my search results are only being pulled from the titles of whatever it is searching, when I am expecting that it should search the full page.


Is my expectation incorrect, or is there something I can change that would have it include the content from further down in the page? Most of our searches are on celebrity names, so a lot of results are getting left out.