How to Hide URL Query Parameter

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From last few days in receiving notification through my facebook pixel the my shopify store is sharing data of customers through Url query patameter. My store is related to multivitamins & supplements and because of that facebook is giving the warning to hide data of customers which is received by facebook pixel. Please guide me how to fix this issue. Thanks in advance


this is the exact message which I'm receiving on my facebook pixel. Please guide.


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If possible, could we see the url in question?

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Facebook has removed data from the link. where ever removed is written, it shows facebook has remove data from there.

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  In your link, anything after the '?' is a variable.  Pixel is just saying no to anything after '?'


//consider this example

//pieces. web page
// variables to start here
//first variable (example) (variable name)=(stored value)  eg: name=mitchermich
//begin next variable (this symbol tells marks the beginning of the next variable.
//the next variable.  (really long links are usually structured like this.



  The next part depends on weather you're generating your link or if a program is generating it for you.

   If you are, then you can remove anything after the '?' unless you need it for your site.

  If you are not, then the answer gets a bit involved (depends)


Basically, Facebook throws a flag because of this format -> 

this is to discourage the use of exposed user data submitted in a form.  It's right in the url and anyone can see it.

If you are just using it to load a cart or for promotions, you can still pass the data, but you'll have to change it as below to avoid facebook flagging it,

But you'll have to make the receiving webpage translate the data given in this format.

//if you control the site and want to bypass this issue, you can do this.


//site url
//first variable


//second variable


If a plugin is generating this link, maybe check if you can limit or remove variables in the generated url.


If you are simply linking the url yourself (copy paste) then you can alter the url to different temporary pages redirecting to whatever promotions or products your are promoting.  


This is the base of the error.  The cause would need looking into your store and settings or plugin responsible.  If the problem persists, I'll check for a reply.