How to Mass-Upload images in product description? (migrating from BigCommerce)

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Hello all! Hopefully this question in the correct forum.

I am currently in the process of migrating my store from BigCommerce to Shopify. We have over 10,000 products. The issue is not with the product images, but with the images within the product description (brand images). 

  • What is the reccomended way to mass-upload product imgaes via API to the CDN. Remember this is not for the main product images, but for the supporting images within the product description body tag. 
  • If not possible to do bulk upload via API - then a way to bulk upload then export with the URL's set so we know what the URLS are. 

Any input is appreciated!

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Hi Ellie,

There is one big problem when you migrate manually from BigCommerce to Shopify is arranging. You can migrate all 10,000 images in the product description but they will not be in the right order. 

So the optimal solution here is automated tool, you can check: Litextension. We can transfer all your important data to Shopify as original organization.

You can test the Free Demo before making the decision.

If you have any question, we always here for help!

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