How to add a search to a non-shopify site

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Hi all. I have a feeling that the answer to my question is "You can't do that" but I'm doing my due dilligence to make sure. 

My site, is created outside of any shopify themes. Instead, we have employed the "Buy Now" method/plugin and have generated lists of categories. In this way lists of products show on the site and can be added to a cart. The issue is now that my client has added a lot of products and is having a hard time pointing customers to a specific product on a given page considering they don't have unique URLs using this method. Is there any way to employ a search bar to narrow down the products by title?  Has anyone come up with a solution for this issue?




I don't quite understand your setup. Anyway. 

I'd use the API and make AJAX calls to Shopify and display the products. Something like this


or the by using the Predictive Search API



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