How to add additional options (choose a delivery office) for the SELECTED delivery method?

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My store is going to provide delivery with couriers, but it is more common for customers in my country to order to a courier OFFICE and not to their home address, because that way they can inspect the product without being rushed before they accept it.

This means that if the user selects such delivery method, they also need to be able to select the office to which the products to be delivered.

The way stores in my country usually implement this is, when the "Deliver to Courier Office" option is selected, a text field shows up, where the user types the name of the city (or just selects the city from a list), and then a list of all available offices shows up and the user picks the one. Of course that includes sending a JSON request to the courier API to get the list of offices for the selected city.

How can I add a similar functionality to my store?

I have no problems coding it myself, but I have no idea how to implement it on the checkout page, since I dont have access to that part of the store.