How to add text section on All collections page

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Hi !

I've been reading alot of post on the forum and it has been alot of help !

But today is my first post for something unfortunately has been asked before but didn't find the right answer for me.


I would like to add text sections in a page.list-colletions that i've picked on YT, a simple page that list all the collections that i want to, like sub category.

I've look a little through the code but didn't find any comment about that, here is the code if you might be able to help me on that :

Thanks to anyone that might help me

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Hey there @SEO-Noob,

Shopify doesn't have a sub-collections feature so there is no way to have such individual pages other than using custom coding. I did the same using custom code for a client, you can check here

There is a lot of code involved so I can code the whole page for you here but I would like to share with you how I achieved this.

1> Created a new template for each page e.g knives-collections.liquid, spoon-collections.liquid etc.

2> Used for loop to loop through each collection.

3> Added an if (Conditional) statement to check if the collection is the one I want to display, if yes then display it else continue with the next iteration of the for loop (i.e check for the next collection)

4> Used CSS styling to make the collections appear perfectly!

Hope this helps.

P.S: You can message me if you need my help.

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Thanks for you respond, as you said it needs costom coding which i already use like here , there is 3 of my collections but when i add text to my costum page form the page editor the text doesn't show up... Is the only way to work is by hard coding every collections pages to have text on it ?



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