How to automatically upload order data on schedule

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Hello. I'm migrating from an existing system to Shopify and worried about ordering.

When I thought about migrating all monthly delivery orders to Shopify, I recently learned the current subscription app doesn't allow you to choose COD or deferred payment. It would be wonderful if the regular customers could accept online payments, but it is not realistic. Because there are 200 people to use the service and we have to do complete transition in a few months.

By the way, it is dealing with existing customers, and new customers are not the issue this time. In addition, most customers don't have an e-mail address and don't complete online.

Therefore, we are looking for a method to create automatically orders on schedule. If it is manual, it seems that we can use EZ importer. It requires human management though...

At worst, I am thinking about developing an application for our store, but I would like to avoid it as much as possible from the viewpoint of cost.

Do anyone have an idea?