How to change a collection list to list mode once selected

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Hello Shopify,

I was wondering how I could mitigate 3 navigation screens for a customer to add an item to their cart. I have included pictures of what the process looks like for the customer. b1.png

this is the initial screen for a customer when entering the home page. (A collections list for easy menu navigation)


this is the screen they come to next to view the items in the collection (This is where I want to enable a list view without pictures and an add to cart button on the right side of each item)


this is the screen they need to go to (the third click) to add an item to their cart. 

I have looked on the community boards as well as Venture specific tutorials on how to create a list view but none of them have solved the problem I have encountered. Essentially, what I would like to achieve is for the customer to be able to add an item to their cart with only two clicks. One from the home page into their selected collection and then an add to cart button on the item (rather than having to click into it once again).