How to configure flat rate so it multiplies by qty # of items purchased?

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Any help would be appreciated. We charge a flat rate of $12 to ship X product. When someone goes to checkout, it calculates $12 when they purchase 1qty, but it also only calculates $12 total shipping if they purchase more than 1 qty as well. How do we identify the flat rate for each product qty, meaning if the purchase is for two items, then it's $12X2 = $24 at checkout for shipping? Thanks!

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Hi @AGPBobbleheads 

You can use product/cart weight to set this up.

Say if one of your products is 10oz.

Set your flat rates as follows (separate rates with the following conditions):

minimum 10 oz / maximum 10 oz : $12

minimum 20 oz / maximum 20 oz : $24

minimum 30 oz / maximum 30 oz: $36

and so on...

This would require you to have all of your product variants' weights set to the same weight, and your default package's weight set to 0.