How to create a section by using a FAQ app

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I am trying to add FAQ section to my top page, but not sure how to reflect output.

What I have done already is installing the app called "EASY FAQ BY NDNAPPS.COM" and adding a FAQ section to customizer.

All I need to figure out is here below.

<!-- I don't know how to code here -->
{{ section.settings.faq }}

{% schema %}
"name": "FAQ",
"settings": [
"type": "page",
"id": "faq",
"label": "FAQ"
"presets": [
"category": "Page",
"name": "FAQ"
{% endschema %}
I saw this direction on their app page.
Show the FAQs into another page, please go to theOnline Store > Pages: edit/create your page and insert this embedded code into the Content field.[ndnapps-easyfaqs]
I am assuming this easyfaq code should use in section code.
Does anyone know how should I figure this out?
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This is an accepted solution.


Not sure how that app works but you can try a free FAQ section I've written. Please see The code is at:

Hope it helps

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Try "type": "textarea" instead of "type": "page" then paste the script from the app to that section and check. The app said that you should put script in a static web page. Not "type": "page"
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Your code was super helpful! It solved my issue literally in a second. Thank you so much!!!