How to definitely remove subcollections / tags ?

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Hi eveyrbody,

I launch my shop 2 month ago and while checking the SEO in the search console, i discovered that a lot of unwanted url where viewed by google.


After fiew research i saw that they generated by tags attributes so:

(The pattern of those url was :

1/ I removed the tags navigation

I removed all access to those url from the theme and the widget but they're still manually reachable. So google will continue to come on them

2/remove product tags

I completely removed the tags from the backoffice of my products. I also had to change th collection type from filteted collection to manual collection.

But the url can still be reachable despites the tags aren't viewable in the backend anymore.

3/ I tried to create redirections but because the url exist shopify doesn't execute the redirection.

Can anybody help please ?