How to display price in square meters, but sell by full boxes?

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Hello all, I want to open a tile shop on Shopify, but I ran into a problem.

So the industry standard is to show the prices of tiles in square meters/feet, but most retailers only sell tiles by full boxes, which contain a differing amount of square meters/feet (e.g 1 box = 1.43 square meters/feet).  This means that the "true" price of 1 product is actually the price of the box.

Is there a way I could show the prices of my tiles in square meters/feet, but sell them by full boxes? 

I found a few pricing calculator apps, but they all seem to over complicate things.

If there are any people selling products online in such a way I would love to hear about your methods.

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How often do your prices change/need to add new products? Just thinking if relatively static then you could probably get what you want simply by storing your price per sq m/ft in a metafield and outputting that to the front end. Then just use standard Shopify functionality re price per box & quantity of boxes.

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Hi Jon,

I am facing a very similar problem.

May you kindly suggest how the value can be stored in a metafield? Is there any built in shopify facility which allows the use of product metafields or would a custom application be required?



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If your situation is similar to the starting topic, then you do not need anything custom, simply ask Shopify support to enable unit prices in your shop (this is by default enabled for France and Germany, but can be enabled for shops based elsewhere upon request).

Most recent  themes from the theme store support this.

You'd be able to set product price to be a price of a box, and then specify that box contains 1.43sqm and you want to show prices per sqm and system will do this for you automagically. No need to use metafields, which (usually) require an app to manage them.