How to display price in square meters, but sell by full boxes?

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Hello all, I want to open a tile shop on Shopify, but I ran into a problem.

So the industry standard is to show the prices of tiles in square meters/feet, but most retailers only sell tiles by full boxes, which contain a differing amount of square meters/feet (e.g 1 box = 1.43 square meters/feet).  This means that the "true" price of 1 product is actually the price of the box.

Is there a way I could show the prices of my tiles in square meters/feet, but sell them by full boxes? 

I found a few pricing calculator apps, but they all seem to over complicate things.

If there are any people selling products online in such a way I would love to hear about your methods.

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How often do your prices change/need to add new products? Just thinking if relatively static then you could probably get what you want simply by storing your price per sq m/ft in a metafield and outputting that to the front end. Then just use standard Shopify functionality re price per box & quantity of boxes.

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