How to duplicate the template code for Homepage? Says Content_For_Index

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Grabbed the free theme "Debut". I wanted to take the functionality from homepage and duplicate it into a page template, however, unlike most of the other templates that generally pull from the "Sections" folder, "Index.liquid", which I've been told is the home page template, has {{ Content_For_Index }} in the code descriptor. Any idea how to work with this? Is this just shopify trying to block off that functionality for free users? 

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This is because the homepage is a bit special, in that its content is automatically built from the sections that include a 'presets' property in their {% schema %} (dynamic sections). You can create a duplicate of your homepage template by hunting down those sections, either by checking their schemas in their respective .liquid files and/or referencing the sections you see in the Customize editor tool for the homepage. Then just create another template that includes those same sections:

{% section 'my-really-great-section' %}
{% section 'another-great-section' %}

... etc


Hope this helps!