How to edit Account Details > Order History? Supply Theme

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Hi, I'm new to shopify and also a coding idiot. I tried google for answers but unable to find solution. Hope someone is able to help me. I am using the Supply theme.


Queries regarding Account Details > Order History of customers as follow:


1) Any way to change the fulfillment status? Instead of 'fulfilled', to state as 'processing' or 'delivery in progress'? Seems that in order to trigger email with shipping tracking number to customers, the order has to be 'fulfilled' first. However it looks misleading to indicate as 'fulfilled' when my customer has not received the item yet.




2) When customer clicks on the order number on their account details, it shows the order history. There is a SKU column. Is there any way to remove that column?




3) The shipment tracking number and tracking link is indicated below every item purchased. How to change its position to be on a column next to the product info/ prices/quantity? 




4) The word 'Track Shipment' on order history page has a URL for customer to click, however it is not prominent.

  • How to change the font color of 'Track Shipment' and the tracking ID to blue?
  • How to indicate that the # is a parcel tracking number? 



Thanks alot!