How to geo-target pricing across all products?

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I have a store with 600 products (some variants), I would like users within a particular City to see different prices than users outside of that city. Having done some research this appears to be a very complicated, convoluted process.  Many recommendations point to Geo-Targetly, which allows you to hide/show products based on geography (i.e. users within a City can see certain products). However, this would mean making an alternate product listing for EACH product (with alternate price) and then ensuring only those within the chosen City will see these products. This is because Shopify does not allow you to edit Code on each product page, instead the product page is templated, and you can only edit Code on the original template (applying across the board to all products). 


What is the simplest method of having dynamic pricing so that users within a defined City see a different price than those outside the region? E.g. product is $500, but if your from NYC it should say $400. All other details remain the same.