How to get products in manual sorting order through products api

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Hi I am using


This api to update my order of products manually.
This is working and on my shopify store it changes the order correctly.
But after the order is changed. I should get the products in sorted order using this api.

GET /admin/api/2021-04/products.json?collection_id=841564295

But I am not receiving products in the same order as they are on shopify store. It does not have position attribute as well.
So what i want is that i should get products in the same order in which products are appearing in my store.

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This is an accepted solution.

Hi Urmir

You have to specify the order of your fetching. Seems that in your case you should use the "manual" sorting. Here is more detail for the REST API you are using.

Link (sort_order)

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Thanks it worked. I was using product.json and passing collection_id to it.
But if we call collections/collection_id/products.json this gives us the sorted products