How to hide the (0) count under the product title

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Hi, since this morning, I noticed that a number (0) appeared under the product titles. Is there any way I can remove it ? I already tried to add the code: 

.filters-toolbar__product-count {  display: none !important;

at the end of theme.css.liquid but it doesn't change anything.


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This is an accepted solution.

Okay I found a solution myslef but will still let this post online so people that have the same issue can solve it.


It wasn't actually stocks as i though, it came from an app named Growave that, if you don't uninstall properly, will mess you code files. 


The right thing to do is BEFORE UNINSTALLING THE APP (reinstall if you already uninstalled it) going on the app, in the bottom right, click the "Remove files from current theme".

It will then make a clean uninstall of the app and its code files.


I absolutely not am blaming the application but people that, just like me, is a beginner and mess around with the apps might encounter that issue.


Hope it will help