How to hide thumbnail image in product page but keep it in collection page?

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Hi, can anyone help me with this problem?

my url:

I am using Debut theme.


I would like to have thumbnail image disappear in product page, if each variant is associated with specific image respectively.

but keep the thumbnail image on product page if all variants/without variant shares same images.



In the above image, the first picture(men wearing blue mask with hoodie on) is thumbnail picture on my collection page.

The rest image is assigned with individual variant respectively.

I would like to hide/remove the thumbnail picture on product page, so it doesn't mislead customers to think the first picture is available for order.




all variants share same image.all variants share same image.

In contrast, this product image description applies to all the size. So I would like to keep the thumbnail picture in this case.


Help me pleaz! Thanks!