How to implement accordion or tabs for product description in a Pagefly template?


Hey Community, 

I was looking for a solution where I can divide long product descriptions into Tabs by using a heading tag and found this solution

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It works fine on the default theme product page template for one product: 

But on the product page, I created a product template using @PageFly it's not showing tabs: 

The tabbed descriptions don't work on the product page template created with Pagefly. 

I tried finding the {{ product.description }} line in the product.pagefly.170ea8ee.liquid found under the templates folder, but it's not there.

Can someone help me in implementing the tabbed descriptions in the Pagefly product template?



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This is an accepted solution.

I figured it out.

You can create a custom product page template using Pagefly and call tabbed product descriptions by the following method:-

1. Create a new snippet called tabbed-description and use this code (it should include the code from the tutorial above, use the gist link below for complete code):

Get code here: 

2. Replace the Product Descriptions element with HTML/Liquid Pagefly element.

Paste the following code in the HTML / Liquid Code Editor

{% include 'tabbed-description' %}




3. Click Save and Close and then hit Publish!


Product 3 – gamestreaming - Google Chrome 2021-02-.png

For more information regarding the Tabbed Descriptions read this thread by @tim .

Thanks to Donny from @PageFly.




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