How to input text on Checkout Page for Debut Theme

I want to add a section of text right above my policy list on the checkout page. (see picture for location) I am not sure where or how I can add this information. I tried to add it through the checkout & system language section but it does not show up correctly.

Untitled.pngThanks in advance!
It is our mission at Babs Botanicals to help our customers create more calming, soothing spaces in their homes and offices by providing quality houseplants and accessories delivered to their door.
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You need to be on the Shopify Plus plan in order to make changes to the checkout pages. Even on Plus, editing the checkout is a pain, mostly done via Javascript, and will require constant maintenance.

Finally—Add variant descriptions to your products


Unless you're on the Shopify Plus plan you can't edit the checkout page. If you're indeed working on a Plus store, you can achieve this by editing the checkout.liquid file.

I recommend reading the documentation thoroughly since mistakes in this particular file can have meaningful negative impacts.

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