How to make the nested menu's wider to fit all sub-categories on one line

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I'm using the debut theme and on my main menu at the top of the page I have a section called SHOP. I've made it a nested menu so that there are sub-categories and even more sub-sub-categories. 

I have 6 sub-categories, and I want them all to appear beside each other (with the sub-sub-categories falling beneath them). The problem, there seems to be a width limit on the drop down list, because the first categories appear next to each other and the final 2 categories have gone beneath them making them almost invisible as they are moved down too far on the screen. I want customers to be able to see all 6 categories available at the same time.

My other nested menu's look fine the way they are, but I just want this one to be widened so that it fits all 6 categories beside each other. 

Shop URL is 

Please help.


Thank you