How to manage products by API

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Hi guys, I am new to shopify and I would like some advices on how to integrate with shopify.

Basically what I need is to be able to pull all products and collections via API and also to update product data via API. From what I was looking I need the Admin API. After digging a little bit I found a tutorial saying I need to create an app and then setup the oauth process to be able to get the token.

I've tried but when I am redirected back to shopify I get this error message: "This app can't be installed using this link. Contact the app developer for more information." my understanding of this is that I created the app as private since that is just a custom integration I want to build. Is that the issue? Do I need a public app to be able to do it? I only want to do it for 1 customer.

Can someone help what I should do to pull and push product data on shopify store?

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Hi @inuar ,

Did you create the app in your partner dashboard as a custom app thinking it would be private? Private apps are created within the merchant's shop. Have you checked that you generated an app install link from your partner dashboard for the merchant's shop? 


Sam - Owner @ Achieve Applabs

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Hi @achieveapplabs

Thank for you message. Yes that is what I was missing. After generating the install link it worked.