How to organize collections automatically by product type

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My company is currently trying to organize our collections by product type. We are a sports company, so let's take balls for example. 

Inside of our balls collection ( we have multiple types of balls - match balls, training balls, ball bags, ball equipment... the list goes on.

While one solution we have come to is segmenting out those various types into different submenu selections via tag filtering, we run into the issue of the main collections being unorganized and sloppy looking- shown by the random needle pack being mixed in at the top of the collection page.


My ideal world is that I am able to inject some code into my collection template folder that would spit out my product loop with products side by side of the same type- moving on to a different type once the initial type is exhausted in the overall collection.


Does anyone have a solution for this? Next step would be implementing a unique tag identical to the product type and adding a prefix that is stripped to organize the product- but again that just seems like a lot of work to maintain.