How to pass a hidden variable with input on search button

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I have my search page working nicely with different a customized display for product searches and a separate design for our blogs.  What I'd like to do next is customize the search page by blog, so that they have different sidebars and themes.  I need to pass a variable from the search input form that indicates which blog it is coming from.  There is a separate search form on each blog now.  Anyone know how to do this?  I thought maybe the placeholder value would be usable but I don't see how to use it or do an if statement on it.    Thanks.

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I'm not 100% sure, but I think what you want to do is possible.

1. Search Input : will record the string matched in JS & store it somewhere (for example in browser local cache or cookie)

2. From this stored value, launch a new window like = "";

3. Understand & answer to this query from your server (node.js, php, next.js, whatever) & redirect to the page you need

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