How to remove structured pricing data displayed via Google search results

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Hey guys,
I've spoken to google and also shopify in regards to the issue we're having. All of our stock shows items are in stock in the google search results. Is anyone able to help with some liquid code I can put in our theme code to prevent google accessing/shopify granting access to the stock count section of our website? We get customers calling to buy some products and when we inform them they are out of stock they refer to google saying we do have it in stock. Any help is appreciated,

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Traditionally, screwglebot is directed via robots.txt ...  the shopify equivical is detailed:

However, AFAIK with this method it is only possible to restrict entire pages. Using this you could create a page detailing products, but containing no indication of stock, that has no user-facing links that lead to, and direct screwglebot there via robots.txt

I'm not familiar with this 'liquid code' - but if it holds a handle for user agent string, you can use that to ID screwglebot and with a simple if condition to match it, provision it alternate content.

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@EyeR not entirely sure what you're getting at but UA based conditionals are not available in Shopifys Liquid templating implementation. But yes 'cloaking' has been around since day dot, it's a well known "black hat" tactic, as in it can get you manual actioned. At your own risk ofc lol. Probably a bit overkill for this kind of thing.

@golebysparts IME, this will likely be related to structured data - if there is an existing stock availability property, you can try removing it. It'll depend on how it's implemented in your theme as to how to go about this. Also - sidenote if you remove the avilability property - this might not completely "fix" it - Google has been known to read availability directly from page content. But in all honesty - why would you want to remove? Having more detailed info in the organic SERP is a no-brainer for increasing CTR. 

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