How to shop one item using two different pull down menus?

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Here's the use case I need some advice for. 

Say I'm selling sneakers. 

I want to be able to let my customer buy by size and color, but also by individual sku number that corresponds to that size and color. For reordering my customers tend to just want to shop by the product sku. My developer has mentioned that shopify can only function one-way or the other. A pulldown menu (in my case-Sku#) is not able to influence the other two pull downs. Meaning if my customer wants to shop by their sku it may look like sku# NIKE9.5BLK/RD for Nike | size 9.5 | color red. If the customer used a pull down shop by sku, the other pulldowns on the page would have to sort to Size: 9.5, Color: blk/rd. Again I'm told shopify's pull downs can't influence other variants. Conversely, I would also want the function the opposite way. If a customer chooses, size 9.5, color: blk/red I'd like the sku pull down to match the correct sku number. 

Anyone have advice? I can show a live sampling on my site. For example purposes its easier to use sneakers as the item.