How to show Delivery date chosen in the cart on that thank you (order status) page?

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Hello My community,


Thank you in advance for help with this item.


I'm on my way to launching our tourism business store on Shopify and like many others having a challenge in getting the Shopify platform useful for this purpose. I needed a calendar date control in my product page and after weeks of research/effort, I'm clear that either I have to get an App or an expert's help (both paid options that I can't afford) or use the (free) delivery date picker ( in the cart.

I have chosen to use the date picker and after some rounds of help, I'm able to get it to work with one outstanding item: Showing the date in the thank you (order status page) using the additional scripts functionality.  AgainI have been asked to hire experts but I can't afford it, so asking here pls. 


So, after trying with many many parameters name variations, finally I got the right one with one challenge - it's not displaying properly (extra quotes, brackets and label field are visible) in the order status page. Can someone pls help with the script to remove the quotes, brackets and the extra label next to the date (if possible). 

If the label can't be removed, I'm fine showing it as long as the quotes & brackets are not visible.


Here is the code I'm using in settings->checkout->additional scripts section. Pls note, Shopify team was able to kindly help me to call the date field as Tour Date.  


'<p><h4>Tour Date: {{ attributes | Tour Date }} </h4></p>',
'<p><h4>Special Instructions: {{ note }} </h4></p>'


On using this, thank you page (circled Tour Date) shows the following:




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I was just curious if you ever got this worked out.  I would like to do something similar.