How to show how much more to spend for free shipping [Express Theme]

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I'm working in the express theme, where it comes with a running total of the price of the cart in the Header.

Here's the stock code for that:

<div class="header__cart-price-bubble" data-header-icon>
<span class="icon-fallback-text">{{ 'layout.cart.cart_price' | t }}</span>
<span data-cart-price-bubble data-cart-price>{{cart.total_price | money }}</span>

What I'd like to have that do is display $50 - cart.total_price 

and also include text on either side, so the end result (given they've added $20 worth into the cart, for example) would be something like: Spend $30 for free shipping

Any ideas?

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to do what you want, you need to use HTML & Jquery code. if you have not knowledge of that languages then I can do that for you.

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