How to update Liquid code to hide a product price on a collection page using a tag

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Hi All,

I have recently been looking into all the discussion boards to find help with me query - but up to now I've really struggled.

What Im trying to be able to do is to hide the price of a product on a collection page through the use of of a specific tag.

Some of our items are only purchasable in our physical store but I still want to be able to promote/ let the customer know we do sell these products.

I was looking on the forums and was mention of using a tag such as "no-price" and using a 'unless' statement to inform the code that if the tag is found/not found then to not put the price.

So in theory if the product has the "no-price" tag then instead of continuing to place the price I want to change this to "Please call or email for further information".


Is anyone able to take a look for me or to advise how I can go about doing this?

The website address is:

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I have attached some images below which the "what I'm trying to achieve" is edited in google chrome.


This is how the site currently functionsThis is how the site currently functionsThis is what I'm trying to achieveThis is what I'm trying to achieve




There is not really a simple copy/paste way to achieve this. What I'd recommend doing is:

1. Loop through all tags and add them to data-attribute within an element at the product page
2. Add a css to hide elements containing that tag.

So, say you have a data attribute with the following tags <div data-custom-tags="men|women|shoes"></div>

And you wanna hide the price of all product pages containing "men" tags, you could simply do [data-custom-tags*='men'] .price{ display: none; }

Naturally some coding knowledge will be required to implement this. Perhaps someone around here may be kind enough to devote their time to get it coded in for you, but if it's something you need asap you may want to hire a dev to get the job done for you.

Kind regards,

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