How we can display products based on the choice of customers location without reloading the page?

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I would like to have a store based on two different locations,, suppose NYC and SF. my requirement is to display products based on selected location from drop down option without reloading the page and redirected to location.
My questions based on my requirement are:
1. Do I have to use two different stores for this. one for NYC and second for SF?

2. Do I have to use two different domain for this?


My actual requirement is to use Single store, single domain and it must show products based on the current location as it is working in following website.
Thanks  in advance


Hi Vikas,


In this case you need to create two new sites for Shopify stores for the both the locations. I mean you need two domain + two shopify admins to manage your both locations.


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You don't need to use two different shops for this but it can make some things easier. We don't have all the context here but I'd want to be understanding how you plan to market to those regions, do promotions, manage stock, etc. There's may be some clues in that which will lead you to the right approach.


If you did opt to have everything on the one shop you have to consider how you will mask some products from visitors.


I highlight the word mask intentionally since it won't be true hiding. Approaches can vary from having dedicated collections (so one for NYC the other for SF), or adding tags to products to determine what can be sent where, making use of the search results to drive custom merchandising experiences, or pushing it a little further and using an app to return merchandising info. Some will take a little bit of effort (collections) and others a lot (custom search merchandising).


You'd also want to have some nice UI to let a customer know that a certain product isn't available in their region. Totally possible for a customer to land on a product page via google, then enter their location, then find out that item isn't available to them. Something informative on the page helps soften the blow of being told they can't have it.

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