How would you set this up? (Classified Ads for Used Cars)

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Hi there, I'm brand new to Shopify and have some coding experience. I'm slowly learning the Shopify platform and am wondering what the best way to set this up would be. The site is a Classified Ads for people who want to sell their specialty car. Technically, I will only be selling 3 items... Ad 1, 2 or 3.  

When a customer purchases an Ad, I'm going to have them reply to the "Thank You" email with photos of their car and all the details. I will then take this info and build their Ad in the product section as a new product. When a user clicks on their ad, I would like to have a sidebar that contains a small map and a "Contact Seller" form (is this even possible?). 

I'm not sure how to set this up. The products will be all cars, but each car will have a unique mileage, year, transmission, etc, etc. Would these be variants? 

Thanks for any guidance in advance!

Jay T