I closed my store but forget to remove domain name from it.

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I am making new store and want to remove domain name from the closed store to new store kindly help. I forget to remove the domain name when closing store.


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Hey @alirasheedmd 

You should still be able to access your 
OpenSRS account  (which hosts your Shopify-purchased domain name). Once logged in, you can then transfer your domain to another provider - see here.

If you need some help with this one, you can definitely reach out to Shopify's support team and they'll be able to help you out.

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Hi Team,

I Want to Remove My Domain Name From a Closed Shopify Store. How to do it Please?

When I try to connect my Domaine name to a new store it shows me an error "A store with that domain name already exists"

Heres what proves that am owning the domain:

NOTE: I have removed the part of "shops.myshopify.com" because I thought it ill fix my problem.