I get logged out and tens of tabs open to log in again

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Hi, I get automatically logged out of my Shopify backoffice after like 24 to 48 hours, what happens then is that browser tabs with the login fields for Shopify start to open rapidly one after the other... like 10 to 20 different tabs until I am able to log in again. today it was like 50 or 60 tabs that opened automatically. Very annoying, it takes time to load the page on every tab, then close it... and repeat this 50 to 60 times.. it' s veeeery annoying.

I'm on a Macbook on Safari. Same thing using Chrome and same thing on my iMac, Safari and Chrome.

2 questions:
can you solve the automically opening of tabs with login pages?
can I stay logged in without autamitically logging out?

Thank you for your answers,