I have a order showing that is a duplicate

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I needed to send another item to a customer as the one sent was broken in transit.

Of course Shopify doesn't give us a option to do an exchange which I find seriously lacking on this platform and am seriously going to move elsewhere. A retail store with no way to exchange is pathetic.

I had to create a new order and mark it paid so I could get a label to send the product, which I now know I should have zeroed it out. I got my label but this order makes my sales wrong. If I click to refund it what will happen? Since I marked it paid there is no where to refund it to am I correct? How can i get this fake order off of my sales?

An exchange shouldn't be this hard and shopify needs to add the ability to do exchanges and we shouldn't have to pay for apps to do what should already be there....unreal!!!