I have to show stitching option (which has three price variants) for every product. How to do it?

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I have an online store which shell unstitched cloths materials. In product details page I have to show a checkbox to opt for stitching and if the user opt for stitching then I need to get the type of stitching from user it has three different price types. Like this, every type of unstitched product the user can select the stitching option.  How to do it I have read about Gift wrap option is this helpful in this case?

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Hi @aruljothi 

It looks like you need to create "variants" of your product. Please read this paragraph: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/products/variants/add-variants

It's quite easy to create variants and then add an specific pricing for each variant.

A little bit of manual reading should do the trick.

Good luck!