I'm getting errors in Bing SEO Analyzer

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I'm getting errors that there are multiple titles on my site through Bing SEO analyzer and its scored quite high points and is high-lighted red.

The Items that are effecting the rating are the small svg payment icons visible at the bottom of the page.

Each one contains a title tag, which is apparently a conflict of interest's with my page title.

It is highlighted red and has marked my score down by 9 points. I'm not sure if google would flag this up also,

but i'm wondering if I can just change the title html tags, to <span> tags instead.

not sure if any other Js or liquid code would break as a result of this. Can anyone advise me please before I contact Shopify Support directly.. My store is @ https://www.elysiumfields.net

any help would be greatly appreciated.


Also interested to see why my page is not loading properly in the preview,

when the BingBots collect the preview.

& is saying my title/description is to long or too short.

I have already corrected this part I thought..

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Hi @ElysiumFields , I'm a newbie here. I use Minimal theme. I got similar errors using Bing SEO analyzer as indicated your post particularly the multiple titles.

Would you mind tell me if you have resolved this problem? If you have, would you mind share your experience on how to resolve them?

Thank you very much.