I messed up the code please help

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I was trying to change something on my website and deleted a code now my collections page is messed up and I don't know how to fix it plz help 

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Hi @luxerebel 

If this is a free theme, and you haven't made any other changes to the code that you need to keep, then one option is to:

  • download another "fresh" copy of the theme
  • go into the code editor for the new copy of the theme
  • copy all of the code from the affected section in the new theme copy
  • go into the code editor for your original theme
  • go to the affected section and paste/replace the code from the new copy into your original copy

Once you've done this, if you have apps that have installed any code in the affected section, you may have to delete and reinstall them OR reach out to the app developers to reinstall any affected app code.

If you don't have a free theme or if there is other custom code that you had previously installed and don't want to lose, you may need to reach out to a developer/expert to correct the coding.