I need help with my google merchant account issues! Please.

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  I can really use advice on how to solve these issues. It would be greatly appreciated. I paid someone to set up my store, then I paid someone to do SEO it. However, it seems like more problems than solutions keep rearing up. Google merchant suspended my account first it said my domain was not verified or claimed, now it says that my domain is parked! I just really need to get this fixed or I will never get organic traffic to my site. I am also having issues with Facebook. It was working well, my shop page was up. I wanted to get a business social media accounts setup with my brand and unique branding URLs. So, again I paid someone. It looked really good, while he was working I sent out a post for people to like my page. What I didn't know was that he had built a different page. He didn't use mine that was already set up and integrated. All my likes went to the page he built. However, my store was on a different page. I tried to connect the new one to Shopify and it would work. I even disconnect my original account thinking that would allow the new one to connect. However, it did not. Now, I have 2 Facebook pages and no Shopify Facebook integration. I am losing my mind. Can anyone tell me how to fix these issues or who I can hire that can do the job correctly. 

I just wanted to say the people I did hire did great work I was very pleased. I would recommend them all again. 

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When Google says its parked, it could mean either you have pages that return a 404 or you have pages with template images, ie unfinished website.

For suspended accounts I also recommend reading: https://community.shopify.com/c/Ecommerce-Marketing/Checklist-Suspended-Google-Merchant-Center-Accou...

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