I need to download all the media from my shopify website. How can i do that?

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I know how to download all the pictures link by link, but i need to bulk download all the pictures i loaded on the website in one move. For backup purpose. Is that possible?

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@francesco4 let me go full SuperSayan on this:

  • Go to Settings -> Files
  • Adjust the URL to /admin/settings/files?limit=250 (this will show 250 files per page instead of 50)
  • Open up your browser console
  • Paste in the following scripts in there, this will offer you a file with all the names of the files on that specific page


function downloadFileList() { var assets = $("#assets-table input[type=text]") assets.each(function (index, input) { var filename = input.value.split('?')[0]; files.push(filename); }); downloadFile(); } function downloadFile() { var downloader = $("<a id='download-generated-file' href='' download='files-list.txt'></a>") var data = 'data&colon;application/octet-stream;base64,' + window.btoa(files.join("\n")); $('body').append(downloader) $('#download-generated-file').attr('href', data); $('#download-generated-file')[0].click(); } var files = [];downloadFileList();​


  • Do this manually for each page with files and combine them all in one big file with all the filenames you want to download

Let's say the filename is now files-list.txt. Copy this to a specific folder on your computer. Now we want to get every file in this file automatically.

  • Open up your terminal
  • Navigate to that specific folder you just created
  • Execute this command: wget -i files-list.txt (requires wget)

You now have a folder with all the files and images from this Shopify websites files folder.


Enjoy mate!
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