I need to sell by the dozen with different flavor variants. Help!

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Hello, how are you?

This is my first time using Shopify and I am about to launch my store. I was surprised that the platform does not have a native solution for my specific need.

I sell, among other things, empanadas by the dozen. I cannot sell 1, 2, 5 or 13, I need to "normalize" my sale and that product only sells for 12.

The problem is that I have 5 different tastes of empanadas and the idea is that each buyer makes that dozen as they want.

I researched "Build a box" solutions, but I don't have much coding experience and I still can't find an application that solves my specific need at an affordable price. Paying +30 dollars a month just for this (doubling the cost of the store) seems exaggerated to me.

In summary. I need to have a product in my store that allows to choose items from 5 variants until reaching 12 an add that to the cart as ONE product with single price.

Is there a cheaper or simple code app solution that can help me? I am using the Narrative theme.

Thank you very much!

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Hi @nicoaguer,

I understand that your product is sold by the dozen and that you need to have your customers build their own—by selecting different options. There are several ways to do that but, what you're describing would either require an app, or custom coding, both of which come at a cost (one up-front, the other in the long run). What I'd recommend, since this is your first store and you don't have any feedback from online customers yet, would be to try and make it as simple as possible and then add more functionality to the process.

For example, if you're not interested in managing the inventory of each empanada taste, then you could start by offering several preset packs based on your experience (eg. 3x tasteA, 3x tasteB, 2x tasteC, 2x tasteD, 2x tasteE / or, 12x tasteA, etc) as variants. You could also offer an input field in the product page where the customer could write down their preference, if their specific combo isn't available, and pass that to your cart as a line item description.

I'm not dismissing your need for the specific solution you have in mind, but simpler processes at the beginning can help you save up on development or recurring costs, and provide you with the feedback you need to make a more educated decision on which solution would work best for your customer base.

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Were you ever able to find a solution? I can't even find an app to create this sort of fix!