I would like to change my currency after my first sale

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Hi I would like to change my shop currency but I've already made my first sale. I know the only way to do this is via a manual email from the Shopify team. 


My store URL is: ebb-flow-jamaica.myshopify.com


I have my store password enabled until I can get a resolution. Hopefully someone can help out soon

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This is an accepted solution.


Thanks for letting me know! So before this can be changed, I'll need to let you know of a few things that might occur and the steps you need to take after I make the change. Since you have already made a sale with a different currency, these main impacts might occur for you:


  • When changing currencies, our reporting doesn't factor in the difference between currencies. So if you had $500 USD processing, that would show as $500 in reports. Say next day you switch to CAD, the report would still read as $500 for previous processing. So there's no clarification between currencies if the currency symbol is the same as before and since $1 CAD is not equal to $1 USD, the reports, in theory, will be wrong going forward.
  • You can, however, set a “date range” for the data they are reviewing, to exclude any transactions that might have been processed in a different currency before the specific date of the currency switch.

Product Pricing

  • Since the dollar amount between currencies is not the same, a product price’s value could mean something different if the currency is adjusted and impact your margins. Ex - $20 CAD, is not equal to $20 USD. Refunds processed after a currency change will also be affected by the currency change.


  • Some apps may have limitations when it comes to changing currency. If you need to know if this will affect any of the apps you have listed on your store, you will need to reach out to the app developer directly for more info.

Making any adjustments to your product pricing needs to consider the currency difference. You will also want to review your product pages, themes, etc for currency information, that might need to be adjusted. Note that refunds will be processed in the new currency.

If you are okay with these changes, then you will need to contact Support so they can enable the currency switcher on your account. 

While we’re not able to provide account-specific support via the Shopify Community at this time, we’d be happy to continue assisting you through live chat, email, or callback. Please visit https://bit.ly/3cJkx8V and log in to your account to create a support request.

Since this is the next step I've marked this reply as the solution for the benefit of others who may discover this topic. Thanks!

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