I would like to get 'Line: Properties' exported from my order data.

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My store has Line: Properties which display which items were purchased from my store. Exporting the data from the All Orders page into a CSV file does not include this data. Does anyone know of a way I can have the data exported into a CSV?


Attached is a screenshot of how the Line: Properties show on my order page. The Line: Properties are the shown underneath the "Bundle #"


Screen Shot 2021-03-21 at 10.35.02 AM.png

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You probably need to use the API as that data is store per line item under a properties field,

However, looking at your example it seems you are just selling a bundled product as a normal single product. If this is correct we probably have an easier solution for you.

Our bundling app lets you sell a bundled product as a normal single product but after it is purchased we split the order lines down to each component so you then see the correct product when fulfilling. If this is what you are trying to fix then send me an email to tom@channelup.io and I can show you how our system functions.



Bundleup - bundle your products and unbundle your orders.
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We possibly have a free solution for you (less than 50 orders is free). Using our public app Approovly you can individually mark an order as "approved" then export the orders. If you let me know that you'll give it a try I can add line item properties to the CSV export function. It's not the bulk action you're looking for but certainly will give you the line item properties in CSV format. Feel free to check it out it's free to install. 


Use Approovly to create and track order approvals | Looking for more Shopify apps? achieveapplabs.com/#apps