*IMPORTANT* E-mail forwarding not working

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This is a very urgent case and I need an answer and a solution veru quick. 

My e-mail forwarding system doesn't work, and it is a very big problem! I have got a lot of customers, and companies e-mailing me daily.

Today I didn't get even a single e-mail, that's why I was wondering the reason and just 5 minutes ago I've found out, that the e-mail forwarding does not work for some reason. It is luck, that it doesn't work today, on sunday, on a weekend.


Until now it always worked, but today it suddenly stopped.

I am sure I got some customers who e-mailed me and waiting for a response. It would be the best, if I would receive the e-mails that are sent while the forwarding did not work. Because if I can not answer them, this will probably cause bad reviews. It is really bad, because I will now have every day concerns if the forwarding does not work again. Please fix my issue ASAP, and please let me receive my old e-mails.


When you send an e-mail right now to me, you do not get a notification that the e-mail could not be delivered, it is being delivered, but some how I dont receive it? I have checked my personal outlook e-mail that the mails are meant to be forwarded to, and it is 100% functional/working.


I need this issue solved as soon as possible.

The domain name: stricee.com , I bought it on shopify.


Please solve my issue  as soon as possible. 

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,