Identifying 'Buy Now' buttons

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I am new to Shopify and of course the community forum, so please be kind :-)

I have quite a few questions, but I will keep to one subject at a time per thread.


We are only going to use 'Buy Now' buttons from Shopify.


On the website that the 'Buy Now' buttons are going to be displayed on we have built a product specifier. This basically asks the user various question to ascertain the product they require, at which point the specifier will run the 'Buy Now' button embed code to display the correct product from Shopify. I have tested this with one product and it works fine.


The issue I have is there are many 100's of 'Buy Now' buttons needed and it's not feasible to create each 'Buy Now' button on Shopify and then copy the code into the website product specifier.


Is there a way I can create 'Buy Now' buttons without copying each individual embed code for every button display. Is there an identity within each embed code that I can gain from Shopify somehow? Or, do the identities of each button follow on from each other? Then I can create my own spreadsheet of embed codes.


I would be grateful for any assistance.






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Hi All,


I don't think I explained myself very well in my initial post. I am not looking for info on creating a 'Buy Now' button, this is straight forward and self-explanatory.


What I need is a way of creating many 'Buy now' buttons from code


For example can I get data with all the product - component ID's from the embed code : <div id='product-component-1574693544799'></div>


Do the numbers follow on from one product to the next? By obtaining this information means we can generate the embed code for 100's of products on our website, instead of creating each 'Buy Now' button separately within Shopify and then cutting and pasting the embed code.


Please help :-)